Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sooyoung SNSD Yuri And Met with a Adolescence Acquaintance in Dalgona Chuseok Special

Sooyoung SNSD Yuri and will arise in a appropriate adventure of SBS Chuseok array "Dalgona." In accordance with the architecture of the event, affiliate babe accumulation will be a alliance with their accompany and bare the adventure of their childhood.

Friends Yuri Yuri will acquaint you about the "mirror princess" and habits are actual accurate about the clothes, although she was little.

Sooyoung, on the added hand, will accommodated with her ​​first love. The aboriginal adulation adventure of today's best accepted idol will be appear at the event, which raises a lot of apprehension about who's aboriginal adulation Sooyoung.

Meanwhile, Sone (SNSD fanclub) mengantisispasi Korean improvement these girls, who had ahead appear would be his improvement in September.Yuri and Sooyoung adventure in "Dalgona" will advertisement 10 September 11:00 AM KST.